Saturday, October 10, 2009

What To Do After Exams?

1. Don’t make any plans
Seriously, the more you think of planning what to do, you end up doing nothing. Hence the first thing, Don’t plan your moves, all you have to do is to be “on-the-move” all the time.

2. Don’t wait for your best friend to “confirm”
Okay, all set, you are ready to fly but there is a small problem. All your other 19 friends are also ready like you, but just your best friend has trouble at home. So you are waiting for him/her to confirm which means you are going nowhere.

3. Try economical-yet-tasty food joints in your city
If you are a foodie, and since most students rely on pocket money, we advice you don’t go to costly hotels, instead try local, cheap but hygienic and tasty food. May a dhaba nearby, or a fast food joint. It makes your stomach heavy and pockets light.

4. Have a bike? Go for a toss.
If you have a bike or car, what are you still waiting for? Check Fuel, Air and Go. Take a road which you have never been to, travel to a near by place for a day. You will love it.

5. Buy all 40-rupees-pirated DVD’s
Yes, this is my fav option of all time. Take a walk in your locality or city and you will find these “dudes” who have all the movies in your tiny-miny DVD’s. They say it costs 60 rupees, and we don’t have to teach u bargaining. Get them at 40 max.

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