Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seven Highly Effective Ways to Kill Innovation

Innovation killer #1: Believe that innovation will “just happen.”
Innovation killer #2: Tell everyone to “think outside of the box,” hold a brainstorming session, then call it a day.
Innovation killer #3: Lay the success of innovation solely on IT’s shoulders.
Innovation killer #4: Create an obstacle course for ideas.
Innovation killer #5: View “different” and “new” as bad.
Innovation killer # 6: Hand over the good ideas to the Legal and Accounting departments.
Innovation killer #7: Be very, very afraid of failure.


somaya iqubal khan said...

i agree wid all the above 6 points bt not d last one. who is not afraid of failures, guess none.still innovations do occur.
m really really afraid of failures but that hs not stoppd me to innovate or think out of d box..i strongly stand against marriage,atleast until a gal is fully independent,i may not be very successful to propagate this bt i will surely influence few...

nyway u got skills...write gud

Awadhesh said...

Thanks for the comment.

First of all, a clarification.. I read these points at some place on the internet and hence it is not entirely my piece of creation.

And I guess the 7th point, even if not strictly followed can still lead to innovation but lack of fear of failure will definitely lead to better chances because that will induce more experimentation.

And I share your views on marriage.. Hope you influence more than just a few :)